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Plant ID

Posted by trktos on 10-April-2010

Lately, I’ve taken a few shots of some plants I’m hoping someone can help me ID.

First, this bush, with these downward-hanging, globular little flowers. They remind me more of grapes or something. Faintly sweet aroma. (I just found out today, at the nursery to pick up orchid food – this first shrub is Pieris Japonica, most likely Brouwer’s Beauty strain.)

Then, these little flowers … fairly small, almost like a ground-cover plant but on closer inspection, they look a little bit like irises, inside? They come in differing shades of purple and white/purple-veined. I didn’t get very good photos, nor one for size but the flowers are a little bigger than a buttercup flower.

And then, these gorgeous bushes with dark red leaves and pale pink flowers with red centers, all along and fairly close to the branches. They were at their peak earlier this week, but I didn’t get out to snap any photos until today.

I tried to search online for this one but I don’t think it’s either barberry or loropetalum. 16-MAY-2010 Update, on a walk today we found that one bush still had a tag – these are Prunus cistena, purple leaf sand cherry.

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