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Bike Ride, 1-NOV-08

Posted by trktos on 1-November-2008

We got out on the bike trail today, headed west and rode about 17 miles total. It was almost 70 degrees out, not bad of the first of November. Finally, the leaves here have some vibrant color – almost all through October, they were just brown and dying and falling off too early. I’m glad some held on long enough to change … saw lots of brilliant yellows, reds and oranges today. Unfortunately, there weren’t many leaves on the trail yet, so I didn’t get to watch them blur by as I rode over them, looking down with unfocused eyes … I should really try to take a photo but I’m afraid that would end up in a tangle of bike and Jill and camera.

We didn’t see much wildlife today … a few squirrels and one very persistent lady bug, who kept landing on me, flying away, and returning while we sat on a trail-side bench … I think she was attracted to my sunscreen?

I did get a chance to watch a deer for a little while … Evin had rode on ahead and missed out. I suppose she was a doe – no antlers and it wouldn’t be hunting season if deer didn’t have antlers now, would it? – but she was kinda big. As I rode by, I saw her, off the trail, and down in a little valley by a stream. I stopped my bike, got off and walked back, pretending not to be looking at her. At first, she couldn’t decide if I was a threat or not and kept turning to look at me with those big, brown eyes. She was only, maybe, 40 feet away. I could see her swallowing (the food she had grazed before I came along, I guess.) While she was looking directly at me, I tried not to look directly back at her, so she wouldn’t run off. At one point, she lifted her nose high in the air, slightly bobbing her head, to get a better scent from me. Those big ears forward, listening. She eventually decided I wasn’t going to bother her, and went on about her deer business, which was eating leaves off the little scrubby trees along the embankment. After a few minutes, she slowly moved behind some bushes, and I couldn’t see her anymore.

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