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Update on the broken Bosch

Posted by trktos on 7-October-2008

Last Wednesday, I think it was, our new Bosch arrived. We planned to compare the two mixers this weekend and give Evin a chance to hear the broken one.

Well, we made some bread Saturday … to my surprise, the “broken” mixer sounded just fine! I was a bit upset and felt a bit guilty – here they’d sent a new one, an extra bowl and a return shipping label and ours sounded fine. So, we decided to push the “broken” one with a batch of seitan today (Sunday).

Again, the mixer sounded “fine” – fine in quotes because, to be honest, neither of them sound that great to me … for the amount of money, I don’t know, they should just sound better, stronger. As Evin said, he should be able to mix cement in this thing … for the record, we have not tried that. But I was beginning to doubt what I heard before … and maybe all that gunk was food?

Anyway, although the broken mixer sounded fine while mixing a batch of seitan, I noticed later, more oil is now practically pouring out … did I mention, before, this stuff burns like candle wax? So, it’s spewing more mysterious substance and I know nothing else has magically seeped through the bottom of my solid bowl! If this were some accumulation of food stuff – how has the rest of my mixer, especially the path-way the food would travel, to wedge itself into this crevice, remained clean?

So I feel a little better … maybe what I was hearing was the mixer not sufficiently stuck down to the counter. It has little suction cup feet – note to self, never buy another kitchen appliance, no matter how pricey, that has suction cup feet. Actually, this was my initial intuition but I convinced myself, somehow, that little suction cup feet didn’t preclude “quality”. Apparently, I learned nothing from all the suction-cup-shower-crap I’ve purchased.

But there’s clearly a problem with this mixer. I really want to take the thing apart and have a look inside but if we should be unable to get it back together, they might not accept it as a return.

I sorta expect the new one to succumb to the same fate as the first … we’ll see.


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